10/20/2019 Christians Wrestle with Their Faith

Theme:            As Christians we seek to know God in our own experience and understanding, through a process of questioning and seeking.

Purpose:          The people in the congregation will grow in their understanding of what it means to struggle with their faith and beliefs.

Scriptures:       Genesis 2:22-31          God created man and women, made them to be one flesh.

                        Luke 18:1-8     Parable of unjust judge moved by persistence.


What is the experience of growing in our faith and in our relationships as Christians? How do we deal with situations that are challenging and confusing? What does it mean for our faith to persevere? What do we need to do in order to be faithful, and yet open to growth and change? How do we know the difference between being rigid and being too easily swayed? How do we deal with living faithfully when we are in times of faith transition and doubts?

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