Sermon:           Christians Follow Christ

Theme:            God calls those who are faithful to place their relationship with Christ and faithfulness to serve above all other commitments and distractions.

Purpose:          To examine what it means to make Christ the center of our life, and make a commitment to what is the center of our faith.

Scriptures:       Jeremiah 23:1-6          Woe to the shepherds who scatter the sheep and do not practice righteousness.

                        Colossians 1:11-20      Be strong in the strength of the power that comes from God in Christ.


In what ways does our personal faith in Christ affect our commitments to our family, our church, and to the world? How do we faithfully develop relationships which reflect Christ’s love? How do we avoid falling prey to serving our own egos or interpreting our selfishness into God’s call? What do we need to do in order to put Christ’s gift of forgiveness first in our ways of speaking and acting towards others? What is it we need to practice regularly as Christians in order to be more focused on Christ than upon the fears and worries that often begin to dominate our thinking?

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