Sermon:           Christians Share their Faith

Theme:            Christians do not attempt to change other people but share their love and knowledge of God as a gift of hope and peace to everyone they meet.

Purpose:          We explore what it means to bring Christ to the people around us with love and respect.

Scriptures:       2 Thessalonians 3:6-13           The disciples worked to not be a burden to the people.

                        Isaiah 65:17-25            Promise that God will create and new heavens and new earth and will create a place of health, healing, and joy for the people.


What does it mean to us that God’s intention is to create a new heaven and new earth? How does our commission to share Christ’s message of love flow from a work of healing and transforming our world? What difference does it make whether a person believes in God acting in supernatural ways that are outside of our responsibility, or whether we believe that God is working through us to bring healing and renewal to the world? What is each person’s labor in the work of restoring our community and our nation?  How do we motivate one another to labor on God’s behalf?

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