2/2/2020 “What Does God Want from Us?”


Sermon:                What Does God Want from Us?

Theme:                  God calls us to a relationship of wholeness and humility through following Christ’s teachings and direction for our lives.

Purpose: The congregation will seek to practice humility and kindness.

Scriptures: Micah 6:1-8 God has shown you, do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with your God.

Matthew 5:1-12 The Beatitudes.


What kind of person does God want us to become? How are The Beatitudes a reflection of what it means to be spiritually mature? What does it mean to hunger and thirst after righteousness? What is the real meaning of humility and how is it a part of a healthy Christian life? How does a life lived focused on ones own needs less a life than a life that is in joyful relationship with the world around us? How do we come to be people who live the beatitudes naturally?

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