Sermon:           The Law of Humility and Kindness.

Theme:            We cannot know God’s instruction outside of an attitude of humility and kindness.

Purpose:          We will re-examine our understanding of the law and teachings of God in light of the need for compassion and humility.

Scriptures:       Deuteronomy 30:15-20          God has promised that if we follow God’s law we will experience wholeness and prosperity.

                        Matthew 5:21-37        The laws of God require humility and compassion in order to be fulfilled in God’s new Kingdom.


What does it mean for us to control our anger? How does our anger, lust, and insecurity interfere with our relationship with God and our relationships with the people around us? What practices do we need to learn so that we have a healthy relationship with our anger and ability to be honest with others? Why has the world become so prone to hostile outbreaks, insults, and falsehoods? What does the way in which people treat others (created in the image of God) do to our perceptions of God? What entices us to follow after false God’s of wealth, power, influence, or security?

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