02/23/2020 Transfiguration Sunday

Sermon:           God’s Overwhelming Presence.

Theme:            We are healed and transformed by the power of God’s presence and awe, so that we may choose to follow a new path of wholeness and peace.

Purpose:          We will examine the gifts of awe and the power of God as we experience them in our lives.

Scriptures:       Exodus 24:12-18         The glory of God’s power is shown to Moses and Israel.

                        Matthew 17:1-9          The story of the transfiguration, and the call to listen to Christ.


What is the difference between experiencing the awe and wonder of God’s presence and being entertained or excited about an event? What purpose does the Transfiguration play in our relationship with Jesus? What does it mean to see Jesus differently? What influence does the power of God and wonder in God’s glory have in our ability to thoughtful and wise Christians? How does acknowledging God’s greatness and Jesus’ divinity cause us to see ourselves in a different perspective?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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