Palm Sunday Worship

Welcome to our Worship for April 5th 2020 (Palm Sunday).

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Coming Up in Worship:

04/08/2020     Wednesday midweek (Podcast)

Message:         “The Tongue of a Teacher”

Theme:            The Holy Spirit gives us the strength to be wise and compassionate in the midst of difficulty.

Purpose:          The congregation will renew their commitment to humility and following after Jesus’ instruction.

Scriptures        Isaiah 50:4-9    The tongue of a teacher and humility in the face of insult.

04/09/2020     Maundy Thursday Zoom Service, Virtual  Communion around the table.

Sermon:           “Around the Table of the Lord”

Theme:            We gather together as Christ’s discipled, brought together through the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Purpose           The Congregation will celebrate our sharing of Christ’s love for us all.

Scriptures:       John 13:1-17, 31-35

                        1 Corinthians 11:23-26

Join by clicking the link above or call in on any telephone at 1-312-626-6799 Enter Meeting ID: 393 248 4422 and then Password: 530204.  Notice this meeting is password protected.

04/12/2020     Easter Sunday  (Video)

Sermon:           “Christ Has Risen Indeed!”

Theme:            The Resurrection is for all people in all times, and we are among those who have received him.

Purpose:          We will receive the message of grace from Christ.

Scriptures:       Acts 10:34-43  Peter’s message to Cornelius, God shows no partiality.

                        John 20:1-18   The story of the resurrection.

04/15/2020     Midweek (Podcast)

Message:         “The Certainty of the Resurrection”

Theme:            We draw strength to overcome what is uncertain through our confidence in the resurrection of Jesus.

Purpose:          We will complete our Lenten Journey with the assurance of Christ’s love for us and confidence in God’s powerful love.

Scriptures        Luke 24:1-12   The Resurrection of Jesus.

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