November 18 Midweek Worship

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Sermon: “Faithful Servants Serving Faithfully”

Theme: Faithfulness flows out of a relationship with Christ that is renewed and refreshed as we use our gifts to bring blessing and justice to the world.

Purpose: We will examine our need to set ego aside in order to be healthy in ourrelationship with Christ and the world.

Scriptures: Psalm 83 A prayer for God’s intervention in the midst of betrayal and fear.
Matthew 24:45-51 The faithful servant cares for the other slaves, but the unfaithful will be put with the “hypocrites.”

How do we understand the judgment of God against evil and deceit in the world? What causes people to be in opposition to God and God’s justice? What is the difference between someone who makes themselves an enemy of God’s way and those who seek to be faithful? How do we live faithfully in the midst of deceit and dishonesty? What is God’s expectation for how we
respond to people who we experience to be untrustworthy?

Description for Wednesday November 18, 2020

Scripture is read from NRSV Bible (New Revised Standard Version)

Permission to podcast/stream the music in this service obtained from ONE LICENSE, License #A-730666 and CCLI Streaming License CSPL069066. All Rights reserved.

Song: “When the Storms Are Overwhelming”   by Matt Osgood

© 2014 Matt Osgood /

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Special Music“A Psalm of Hope, Psalm 121”
                                                                                composed and performed by Kristina Arellano

Song: “God The Maker Of The Heavens”            Words by Sam Hargreaves

CCLI Song # 7126825

Sam Hargreaves ©  10 June 2019 Sam Hargreaves – (Admin. by Jubilate Hymns Ltd)

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Music: Charles Converse (What a Friend We Have in Jesus)

CCLI License # 1644445

Liturgist: Carol Wetzel

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