March 10 Midweek Worship Service

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Message:  Love and forgiveness are the path to living differently.

Theme:  Forgiveness is a practice that has to be learned and embraced in order to experience the freedom of love and release from personal bondage.

Purpose:  To discover practices of forgiveness.

Practice:  “I choose forgiveness”

Scriptures:  Ephesians 4:17-32  Take off the darkness of sin and put on Christ, do not allow evil to come out of your mouth.

                      Matthew 5:21-26, 43-48 Practice forgiveness and release others from their debts. Love all people and be perfect.

Questions: Do we really understand what forgiveness means? How do we learn to practice real forgiveness that is liberating and healing? Why do we try and substitute self-restraint and denial for real practices of release and forgiveness? How do we learn to forgive while we allow ourselves to work through our hurt and anger? What is needed in order that we can grow in the practice of forgiveness? How do we experience real power of forgiveness in our lives?

Description for Wednesday, March 10th ZOOM service 2021

Scripture is read from NRSV Bible (New Revised Standard Version)

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Song: Glory to God Hymnal #695 “Change My Heart oh God”

CCLI Song # 1565

Eddie Espinosa

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Hymn: Glory to God Hymnal #169 “Dear Lord and Father of Mankind” (vs. 1, 2, & 5)
TEXT: John Greenleaf Whittier, 1872
MUSIC (REST Frederick Charles Maker, 1887

Liturgist: Elise C.

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