April 14 Midweek Devotions

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Sermon:           Resurrection Means God of the Living          

Theme:            We will expand our thinking about resurrection to realize that God’s power changes how we live, rather than what happens after we die.

Purpose:          To rethink the meaning of resurrection for our lives.           

Scriptures:       Mark 12:18-27 The Sadducees doubt the resurrection and challenge Jesus with a question about Levirate marriage.

Questions: What difference does it make for our attitudes and perceptions that God raised Jesus from the dead? How might we experience things differently with a lens of God’s vindication and justice as opposed to seeing through expectations of domination and evil? How do our fears and unresolved past hurts influence the way we see the world today and our expectations for the future? How are we limited in our thinking and acting out of fear when we could be confident and hopeful in the knowledge of the resurrection?

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