April 11 2nd Sunday of Easter Worship

Click HERE to see the YouTube video of the service. An audio podcast of the service is available by clicking HERE. You can see the bulletin by clicking HERE.

Sermon:           Our Resurrection Story

(Service from last year to allow worship production team to get some time off)

Theme:            We experience the Resurrection as we open our hearts to Jesus’ promise of overcoming death.

Purpose:          The congregation will be renewed in their expectations of the resurrection.

Scriptures:       1 Peter 1:3-9   A Living hope through Jesus’ resurrection.

                        John 20:19-31 Jesus appears to the disciples and a second time to Thomas.

Questions: What does the resurrection mean to us today? How do we come to live as people of the resurrection rather than being dominated by fear of death and loss? How do we grow to be people of the resurrection? How do we trust in something we cannot see or control? What does it mean to believe without seeing or to trust in Jesus without control?

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