April 7 Midweek Devotions

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Sermon:           What role does the resurrection play?          

Theme:            The resurrection is an experience of Christ’s victory of righteousness and love over evil and death which we must experience ourselves.

Purpose:          To focus on how we will experience the resurrection.         

Scriptures:       Mark 6:1-8 (Shorter ending)   The resurrection in it’s shorter form in Mark’s Gospel.

Questions: How do we experience the resurrection as a victory of God’s love and forgiveness over the powers of evil and death? What role do we play in sharing the resurrection with the people around us? What do we need to do in order that we can know the resurrection in a present tense rather than as something that happened in the past? How does the experience of the resurrection change for us as we grow older and change in our roles in life? What do we need today in experiencing the resurrection?

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