October Children’s Corner

October 6th join us for the first Share and Connect Sunday in the Fellowship Hall.   On the first Sunday of each month we will come together kids and adults to have fun, do activities and help people in our community and in the world.  On October 6th we will be talking about the “Bread of Life” and we will bake bread for communion as well as bread for the “Friendship Corner.” We will also share our stories of our baptisms.  Bring your pictures if you have any.

On October 13th we start learning about the story of Noah.  You can find out more about the story in Genesis 6:5-9:17.  What is your favorite animal?  If you had been on the ark, what do you think it would have sounded like?  Smelled like?  Can you remember a big storm?  Sometimes a storm can be scary.  Noah and his family trusted God.  Who do you trust?  Have you seen God’s promise to Noah in the sky?  Lots of questions.  We would love to hear your answers in Sunday school.

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