11/29/2015 First Sunday of Advent

Sermon: “Something New for Christmas”

Theme: If we will be awake to what God is doing in our midst, the Messiah will transform and change our world so that we may experience the fruit of love and grace in our relationships with God and others.

Purpose: The congregation will seek to let go of their needs for control so that they may be open to change that God will bring.

Scriptures: Luke 21:25-36 See the signs but know what to focus upon.
Jeremiah 33:14-16 Promise of a branch of righteousness

What needs to change in our lives in order to be ready to receive Christ in a new and powerful way? Do we want to be changed? Do we want a fresh sense of Christ’s presence enlivening us? Or are we more determined to have a Christmas that reaffirms our memories and keeps alive what was important to us in the past? What needs to go in order to have something fresh in our hearts and relationship with Christ for Christmas? What needs to be stripped away that has been in the way of enjoying Christ’s love and presence fully in our lives?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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