October 15, 2017 Called to Put God First.

Sermon:            “Just Come to the Banquet”

Theme:            Our way of being free is to be submitted to Christ’s invitation to enter into relationship which has real purpose and joy.

Purpose:          The congregation will understand and work to practice submission.

Scriptures:       Philippians 4:1-9         Rejoice in the Lord always, focus on the things that are pure and honorable.

Matthew 22:1-14        Parable of the wedding banquet.


What does God really want us to be and to do? What does it mean to be welcomed by God in grace and acceptance? What should our response be to that gift of love? What happens when we practice gratitude and acceptance? What strength and peace can we find in letting go of our past hostility and battles? What really is the sacrifice of letting go of the past?  In what way are we rejecting God when we hold onto our identity of resentment and attempt to retain the ability to judge and condemn others?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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