05/03/2020 Fourth Sunday of Easter, Virtual Communion

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Sermon:           “The Community of Believers”

Theme:            As we grow into practicing what it means to be ‘Resurrection Christians’ we become an inviting community of support and security.

Purpose:          The congregation will seek to find their security in the love of God that we share with one another.

Scriptures:       Acts 2:42-47    The community of believers living a resurrection faith.

                        John 10:1-10   Jesus is the “sheep gate” and whoever enters by him will be saved.


How does our worshipping community reflect our confidence in the resurrection? What enables us to be welcoming and supportive of one another? How do we make unacceptance unacceptable and renounce judgment? What does it take to create space where we live in sacred relationship with God and with one another? How do we turn all of our lives into what is sacred?

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