March 20 Worship-Third Sunday of Lent

Join us in worship as Pastor Ken Locke leads us in worship.

Pastor Ken Locke is serving as our Transitional Pastor. Pastor Locke has a great deal of experience in working with congregations in transition. He will lead the congregation through a time of study and discernment that will prepare us for our next full-time pastor.

You can view the bulletin here.

The sermon manuscript, “Beyond Monochrome” is here.

Old Testament Lesson:  Isaiah 55:1-9 
New Testament Lesson:  Luke 13:1-9 

Message:  “Beyond Monochrome”

The YouTube video is here. Rev. Ken Locke March 20, 2022 Sermon: “Beyond Monochrome”

The Audio Service is here. Rev. Ken Locke, March 20, 2022 Sermon: “Beyond Monochrome” 

The Radio Service is here. Rev. Ken Locke recorded on March 13, 2022, on radio March 20, 2022.

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