COVID 19 Update

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At it’s regular, stated meeting on March 21st, Session approved the following protocols:
Session commits to monitoring the CDC community guidelines.
As long as Fond du Lac County remains at the Low or Moderate (blue or yellow) community level, Session has NO mandatory physical distancing or mask requirement. Masking and physical distancing are still encouraged and respected but are not required. (There are LOTS of good reasons to wear a mask and keep our distance.) Session will ensure that masks and hand sanitizer are readily available for those who want them.

Pre-covid activities are permitted with all due consideration for others: small groups, choirs, friendship pads, etc. Zoom/hybrid meetings are strongly encouraged and should become our norm. Small-group leaders (choir, Christian Education, youth group, etc.) may choose to have stronger requirements if
they think it best for their group. For instance, the CDC may decide that youth mission trips are perfectly safe, but parents and youth may choose to wait some time before planning any.

Sanctuary doors are to remain open to improve air circulation during worship. As a Lenten discipline, we will refrain from after-church coffee-hour until Easter Sunday. Part of Lent is denying ourselves as a way of showing empathy for Christ and his suffering.

Should the community level go up to High (red) then masking, physical distancing and zoom-only meetings will again be required.

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